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Osarh Pro Features

Qualified platform provider

Osarh Pro is a qualified platform provider from the National Center for E-Learning. We enable you to obtain the license by subscribing to us

Professional control panel

We provide you with a special control panel that helps you manage and continually develop your site.

Possibility of selling digital products

We give you the opportunity to market and sell your digital products through your own academy.

Billing and payment system

We provide the best billing and payment solutions according to the standards of the Zakat Authority.

Packages and prices

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145 SAR / Month
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599 SAR / Month
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All e-learning center standards
Number of students
Customize the main interface
Follow up with the technical support team
Virtual classes
10 hours
25 hours
50 hours
Possibility of recording the virtual class
Scheduling the virtual class via Google Calendar and Outlook
Duration of virtual class (minutes)
Using chat during the virtual class
Statistics and evaluations
Introduction pages
Not supported
Custom domain
Automatic connectivity with payment gateways
Add registered courses
Course tests
Possibility of adding files with courses
Not supported
Educational paths New
Not supported
Send notifications to users
Customize certificate design
Digital products
Not supported
10 Products
Discount coupons and discounts
Affiliate marketing system
Offers to increase sales
Free ssl security certificate
Possibility of exporting data
Send the order as a gift
Questions and evaluations
Possibility of linking the online store
Link with Zapier New
Linking with third parties New
Countdown to offers New
Appointment booking and consultation system
Questionnaire for requesting appointment reservations and consultations
Number of supervisors
Control the removal of the Osarh Pro logo

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Saudi Footballers Association Academy

The academy offers a variety of training courses aimed at developing male and female players and improving their academic and educational conditions in line with their interests and hobbies

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common questions

What are the countries in which the payment system (Osarh Pro) is activated?

Saudi Arabia only

How can I receive my winnings?

Profits are transferred weekly to your bank account via the special payment gateway on the Osarh Pro platform

How are my products priced?

Pro Osarh gives you the freedom to choose the prices for your products, and you can also ask for help if you have difficulty pricing your products.

What are the necessary procedures to establish my academy?

You can launch your academy easily from the registration button at the top of the page, without any complicated procedures.

I am from outside the Kingdom, can I subscribe to Osarh Pro packages?

Yes, Osarh Pro packages are available to all educational institutes and content creators around the world.

Are I allowed to display all types of digital products or are there some products that are prohibited?

There are no specific standards for the products that must be displayed and sold, but you must take into account matters that are illegal and prohibited in the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so that your site or product is not banned.

What payment methods are available through the Osarh Pro platform?

The Osarh Pro platform provides various local and international payment methods, which allow your customers to pay easily, and allow you to receive your payments easily as well.

What type of content can I sell through my own academy?

  • All kinds of digital products, such as recorded courses, live courses, digital books, templates, files, services, consultations and many more

Are invoices compatible with Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority standards?

Yes, the electronic billing system in the Osarh Pro platform is compatible with the standards of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.

Can I provide online consultations through my own website?

Certainly, you can provide your own consultations if they do not require specific licenses, such as financial, engineering, and other consultations. You can issue the necessary licenses to practice and then you can sell them through your website. You can also sell your services, such as designs, photography, etc.

Does the Osarh Pro platform comply with the standards of the National Center for E-Learning?

Yes, the Osarh Pro platform is compatible with all standards of the National Center for E-Learning.

What is my website address?

We allow you to choose the private domain based on the appropriate address for you, and you can link your domain if it has been previously reserved through your control panel

Do you provide photography and editing services for my training courses?

Yes, we can help you provide photography and montage services around the Kingdom for your training courses and design your entire academy through Osarh Studio services

Can I activate the affiliate marketing system through my own website?

Yes, you can activate the affiliate marketing system through your control panel, but it is not available in the free package

Is the content of the courses on my site vulnerable to theft?

It is not possible to download course content and digital content from your site, and Asaara has a protection system against content theft that protects you, God willing, from any theft of your content

What are the conditions for selling digital products and courses in my academy?

To practice e-commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you must issue a self-employment license, a commercial register, or a commercial register from your country

What are the conditions for issuing accredited certificates in my academy?

After licensing your academy from the e-learning center and obtaining approval to license your training programs, you can issue accredited certificates. Before that, you can submit only non-accredited attendance certificates. Please see the requirements and standards of the e-learning center and the vocational training institution for more.

Do I need to obtain a training license in order to offer electronic courses?

Electronic courses have different conditions than in-person courses and can be offered through the Osarh Pro platform and the method of issuing the platform’s license is through the e-learning center. However, if you want to offer direct or in-person courses, you must review the standards of the Vocational and Technical Training Corporation and issue the necessary licenses for that.


What is the Osarh Pro platform? ⛈

Osarh Pro is a platform that allows institutes, educational facilities and content makers to create their own digital academy and sell their products through it.

What do I do when I encounter a problem with my website? ❗️

Pro Osarh has a specialized technical support team, available around the clock to serve you and answer your inquiries.